Top 10 Electronic Discovery Issues for Corporate Counsel

Listen to Leigh Webber, a former in-house attorney at a Fortune 500 company and legal technology consultant for over 20 years, describe 10 E-Discovery Concerns in-house lawyers should think about to be prepared for electronic discovery. Leigh is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This top 10 list for companies proactively seeking to manage their ESI is a good overview of the process a company goes through when confronting electronic evidence in an electronic discovery case. Therefore you can use this list when starting a case or if you want to prepare for electronic discovery down the road. The top 10 list which is covered in more detail in the podcast is: (10) Outside counsel and the “Notify everybody, keep everything… problem. (9) The critical need to narrow the scope of ESI. (8) Data Mapping to understand what data your company has. (7) The problems companies face with the preservation dilemma. (6) Doing an early case assessment. (5) The problem of repeat litigation. (4) The cost saving opportunities of Single Source document review. (3) Overcoming the language challenges of IT personnel. (2) The overlap with records management. (1) Governance challenges or who pays for Electronic Discovery.

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