Karl Schieneman and Tim Opsitnick have both made a side career out of educating the public on electronic discovery. Between the two of them, they have published 25 articles, given dozens of national electronic discovery presentations, created 1 board game Discovery Land, created a bottle of 4 C wine based on the Zubulake case and autographed by Laura Zubulake and Judge Scheindlin. They are both entrepreneurs in the field each having created successful companies in the space.In addition, Tim Opsitnick has been an original member of the Sedona Conference and Georgetown E-Discovery CLE board and Karl Schieneman created an audio broadcast series for BNA on electronic discovery issues.
Timothy Opsitnick
Timothy Opsitnick, Esq.
Karl Schieneman
Karl Schieneman, Esq.

In February, 2009 when Karl Schieneman decided to join Tim Opsitnick at his company JurInnov Ltd., it was no surprise to many who knew both Tim and Karl that a website like would be launched.

We hope you appreciate this site and support it by spreading the word about it and contributing if you are an expert or have opinions on any facet of electronic discovery.

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