The Sedona Conference Cooperation Proclamation

Cooperation Proclamation
Richard Braman is the founder and Executive Director of The Sedona Conference. As a practicing attorney, he has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in antitrust, IP and other complex business litigation since 1978. Prior to founding The Sedona Conference┬«, Richard was Co-Chair of the Antitrust Practice Group of the Minneapolis law firm of Gray Plant Mooty, which he had joined in 1987 and is still associated with. At this time, Richard Braman focuses most of his attention on running the Sedona Conference. Before joining Gray Plant Mooty Richard owned and operated a nationally- renowned jazz club and practiced in a plaintiff’s antitrust class action law firm in Minneapolis and with a large, defense-oriented firm in San Francisco, CA. Richard will provide an overview of The Sedona Conference and some of its noteworthy accomplishments in the field of electronic discovery. He will then spend most of his time describing The Sedona Conference Cooperation Principles: Guidance for the Bench, In-House Counsel, Litigators, and Mentors/Mediators/Facilitators which The Sedona Conference is currently promoting. He will also describe how to get more information on this and other The Sedona Conference initiatives for free.

Recorded 03/25/2009

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