Should We Be Scared Of Back Up Tapes in E-Discovery?


Listen to Craig Ball, one of the more prolific speakers and writers in E-Discovery, Quin Gregor, the COO of Strategic Data Retention and a pioneer in the field with Back Up Tapes and managing ESI and Jim McGann, a Vice President in Information Discovery with Index Engines and a frequent speaker in the field and Sedona Conference member, tackle the topic of back up tapes as moderated as always by Karl Schieneman, Director of Legal Analytics and Review with JurInnov. It used to be that back up tapes were seen in E-Discovery as tools which when looked to could end careers in electronic discovery and add substantial costs to projects.

Today, technology has improved and costs have come down. Work process has improved to the point where sometimes you might want to go to back up tapes as a first choice. This show will attempt to help those who are not techies have a better sense of what it means if you agree to go to back up tapes. We’ll discuss what the pitfalls are and how back up tapes can help you with E-Discovery.

Recorded 12/17/2009

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