Navigating the Rapids of International Electronic Discovery

International E-Discovery
Listen to Electronic Discovery pioneer Jim Daley from Kansas City, MO based Daley Crowley LLP talk about the differences in Electronic Discovery once you leave the United States, including eightened privacy rules, harder project management and other issues associated with the international electronic discovery case.

Jim Daley combines his 29 years of complex litigation experience and a Masters Degree in Management of Information Services to help clients develop practical, legally compliant, and cost-effective solutions to e-discovery and e-records compliance challenges. Jim is a frequent author and speaker on e-discovery and e-records compliance issues. His service and publications include: Co-Chair of The Sedona Conference® Working Group on International Electronic Information Management, Discovery and Disclosure (WG6); Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Sedona Conference® Framework for Analysis Of Cross-Border Discovery Conflicts: A Practical Guide To Navigating The Competing Currents Of International Data Privacy And E-Discovery (2008); Senior Editor of The Sedona Conference® Best Practices Commentary on Search and Retrieval Methods (2007); Co-Editor of The Sedona Conference® Guidelines for Managing Information and Records in the Electronic Age (2005); and Contributing Author of The Sedona Conference® Principles Addressing Electronic Document Production (2004).

Jim serves as national coordinating e-discovery counsel for several Fortune 500 clients, helping them contain cost, ensure compliance and improve quality in e-discovery, e-records management, and e-records compliance. This includes helping clients design, develop and implement proactive solutions that provide substantial risk reduction and return on investment. Jim also works globally with multinational clients with “Safe Harbor” certification and other strategies to successfully navigate a wide range of global privacy and data-protection issues in the U.S., European Union, South America, Canada, Australia, Asia, Canada and other countries.

Recorded 03/10/2009

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