Managing Large Electronic Discovery Projects

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Not many people have experienced what it’s like to manage 30 contract attorneys let alone over 200 for a multi year project. Listen to attorney Jeff Reed talk about his experiences and observations in the space of interim staff management. Jeff Reed is an electronic discovery consultant and has been an attorney for over 25 years. He has worked in house at Westinghouse and Alcoa and at large law firms like LeBouef Lamb and Eckert Seamans.

The topic of managing large review teams has seldom been discussed nationally in the e-discovery world, but given the substantial costs of e-discovery, is worth analyzing. Listen into what is possibly one of the first national presentations of this electronic discovery topic (Not occuring at 4PM at the end of the day at an e-discovery conference when everyone has left the room) as we discuss best practices and theorize about ways to improve the process. Topics include covering how to start a project, transitioning from small to larger projects and the issues which can occur, how to approach training, developing an organizational structure, devising a process to maintain quality, how technology intersects with reviewers, and what are the major issues being discussed in the electronic discovery world on the human aspect of electronic discovery review.

Recorded 04/07/2009

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