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ESIBytes is hosted by Karl Schieneman, President of Review Less. Today we have an interesting show which may signal a change in direction for ESIBytes where we just talk to Judge Facciola, the retiring Federal Magistrate Judge from the District of Columbia, about his thoughts on E-Discovery as he approaches retirement. Back in 2009 we did the first ESIBytes program and my initial guest was Judge Facciola. We talked about an issue he had spoken about at Georgetown that year which grabbed my attention. He talked about the challenges small law firms face with their access to e-discovery talent and knowledge.

Now, with Judge Facciola stepping down from the bench I thought it would be a nice opportunity to look back this issue and some of the other issues which Judge Facciola is most passionate about in e-discovery. I also thought it would be a nice opportunity to talk about a possible future direction for ESIBytes. As it’s no secret that finding time to hit on substantive issues like we have in 205 prior podcasts is harder and harder to find the time to do. We’ve had close to a half million downloads of the show spread over 205 podcasts. It’s been successful but I can’t find the time to do the shows like I’d like to. So I have an idea which ties into the subject matter of this program.

Now, let me briefly introduce our special guest. Judge Facciola has written some great E-Discovery opinions, spoken all over the country and world on E-Discovery issues, has helped both large and small organizations with educational efforts. Frankly, he has been a mentor for me at ESIBytes which I am not sure I would have started but from hearing the Judge present some thought provoking material at Georgetown which created the material for the first show. He has been very active within the Sedona Conference, Georgetown, Legal Tech, the list goes on and on. So I am thrilled to have you on the show again as a book end of sorts for the old format in ESIBytes and perhaps the kickoff to a new format.

Recorded 12/26/2014

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