Early Case Assessment in Electronic Discovery

Listen to Kevin Esposito, Director of Electronic Discovery at MetaJure, Inc., and one of the true pioneers in electronic discovery talk about how to approach electronic discovery cases with a process. Any good card player knows when to bet big and when to fold. Electronic discovery intensive matters require some analytical structure to know when it makes sense to pursue a case. The facts of the case should be assessed carefully as opposed to making decisions from the gut. Listen to Kevin Esposito explain how he counsels his clients to approach these matters. Kevin Esposito is one of the original 35 members of the influential EDRM group. He has held prominent legal positions at Pfizer where he co-founded their Discovery Response Team and at UPS where he developed and managed global technology support organizations for over a decade before becoming an attorney. Currently he is the Director of Electronic Discovery at MetaJure, Inc.

In this show we discuss early case assessments, getting cost reduction through case assessments, how case assessments aren’t simple cheat sheets you can package and sell to clients, what is an effective early case assessment, who is involved in an effective case assessment, who has the skill set to put a dollar value on a case, and what an early case assessment really gives you. At the end of the show, Kevin will give some cost saving tips based on his electronic discovery experience.

Recorded 06/02/2009

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