The Vendor Control Pendulum in Electronic Discovery


Listen to Karl Schieneman, Director of Analytics and Review with JurInnov talk about how the vendor relationship has shifted from law driven to corporate driven, and whether this is a good thing.  Our panelists for today’s show are well known e-discovery expert Craig Ball, Allisa Vermillion from the Washington DC office of the Am Law 100 law firm Mayer Brown and Michael Scott, former head of electronic discovery at Alcoa and a legal consultant on international trade, government contracts and electronic discovery. Today’s show will be an analysis of how the control of vendor relationships in electronic discovery has shifted over the past few years with more companies taking an active role in managing preferred vendor relationships. We will discuss what the field was like before this shift occurred, what the outcome of this shift is, and if it is resulting in better projects and improvement in electronic discovery process. It should be a very interesting show and is another topic I haven’t seen discussed anywhere else before.

Recorded 08/20/2010