The Truth about Metadata

DNA Metadata

Listen to Karl Schieneman, Director of Analytics and Review with JurInnov talk about how important or irrelevant metadata is with two e-discovery experts with different perspectives. John Rosenthal is the head of E-Discovery at Winston Strawn and typically on the defense side. Bill Butterfield is a well known plaintiff attorney from the law firm Hausfeld LLP. They are both based in Washington, DC and are well known in national e-discovery circles.

This should be a lively discussion as we explore more deeply the burdens metadata productions place on defendants, how much metadata can improve review process instead of leading to a smoking gun piece of evidence (which is fairly rare), and other thoughts in this area.  Metadata is like the DNA of electronic files.  Find out more how it fits into the e-discovery process by listening to the show. 

Recorded 06/03/2010