The Three Judges Holiday Show: Perspectives on Machine Assisted Review

Machine_Assisted_ReviewListen to Karl Schieneman, Founder and Owner of Review Less talk with a trio of Magistrate Judges from the S.D. of NY about Machine-Assisted Review. Back on Dec 9th, 2010 Maura Grossman and I trained a number of Judges who preside in the S.D. of NY on machine-assisted review tools and results from TREC. It was a lively discussion.

For today’s show we bring back Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck, Magistrate Judge Frank Maas, and Magistrate Judge James C. Francis, IV to revisit the topic and what their views are on using more technology to improve the results of document review and to reduce its costs. This was a lively discussion and a must listen for anyone who has any concerns about the defensibility of using machine-assisted review for document review. These judges are part of a growing movement of outspoken judges who are actively educating lawyers and corporate clients that they approve, in theory, with the use of these tools. This is an important topic, especially given how flawed and expensive more traditional document review can be.

Recorded 1/11/2012