Retrieving ESI From Cloud-Based Applications

Electronic_Discovery_Cloud_ComputingListen to Karl Schieneman, Founder and Owner of Review Less and friend of JurInnov, talk with Craig Ball about retrieving ESI from cloud-based applications. Craig is a prolific contributor to continuing legal and professional education programs throughout the United States, delivering over 700 presentations and papers and authoring the award winning monthly column on computer forensics and e-discovery for Law Technology News called “Ball in your Court.” ┬áHe has done a number of highly downloaded shows in the past with ESIBytes and is a guest we always enjoy having back due to his combination of knowledge, humor, and willingness to take positions on how to improve E-Discovery.

In this show we talk about Google Docs, social media, instant messenger applications and other third party software where ESI might reside that lawyers frequently would like to access to analyze in the context of litigation. We will provide some guidance on what you can do today and what the future is shaping up to look like.

Recorded 08-02-2011