Private Clouds and Data Security


Listen to Karl Schieneman, Founder and Owner of Review Less and friend of JurInnov talk with a team of experienced IT professionals and analysts about how cloud-based offerings impact law firms. ¬†During this show we will talk about security issues, ethical concerns and specifically about how e-discovery is impacted by cloud computing. The guests for our show are a diverse panel and they include Stuart Hubbard, Firm-Wide E-Discovery Manager for Schiff Hardin, LLP, based in Chicago, Ben Kerschberg, Esq. founder of BK Advisory Group, a regular contributor to Forbes and a writer on this topic, Katey Wood, an analyst with international IT consultants Enterprise Strategy Group, and Steve d’Alencon with Case Central. ¬†In particular, we will talk about Ben Kerschberg’s excellent article in Forbes called “Data Security and The Imperative of Private Clouds.”

Recorded 9/21/2011