Lessons on E-Discovery in Canada

Canada Electronic DiscoveryCanada has offered guidance to the U.S. on alternative healthcare systems and recently schooled us in Olympic Men’s Hockey. So it isn’t far fetched to talk about how Electronic Discovery is handled in Canada. This is a useful show for legal professionals who might litigate cases in Canada as well as legal professionals who want to hear ideas of what works from our neighbors up North. Their system is far less adverserial and yes there are more privacy laws which differ from U.S. laws. This podcast will include Susan Wortzman from Wortzman Nickle, a well known boutique law firm based in Toronto, Canada which focuses on Electronic Discovery. In addition, Judge Colin Campbell, a participant in the Sedona Conference and one of Canada’s most widely recognized speakers on electronic discovery is also a guest. Join us for this interesting show and to hear this talented panel.

Recorded 04/16/2010