LegalTech® 2010 Live Interviews And Review

Legal Tech

This is a unique ESIBytes show as you can listen to me, Karl Schieneman, Director of Legal Analytics and Review go on the road to New York City and interview random guests at Legal Tech® 2010 for their opinions on the state of Electronic Discovery and the Legal Tech show itself.  The sound quality is okay and at times my editting skills have been tested, but if you have never been to Legal Tech®, you will get a sense of the types of people you can run into at the largest legal technology show in the country.

In addition, the photograph is from my 45th birthday party which I threw at Legal Tech. I’d like to thank my guests and friends at the party who are Laura Zubulake and Kevin Esposito featured in the photograph, Jim Shook, Peter Vogel, Kelly Twigger, John Collins, Quin Gregor, and David Cohen for attending my birthday dinner, drinking reasonable quantities of my 4th C Electronic Discovery wine, and being such strong supporters of over the past year. I hope you enjoy this special ESIBytes show and look forward to getting back to more substantive discussions on electronic discovery in the upcoming broadcasts.

Recorded 02/08/2010