Local E-Discovery Tools

Local Electronic Discovery Group

Listen to Karl Schieneman, Director of Analytics and Review with JurInnov, talk about “Friends of E-Discovery” as a local tool to foster best local practices when tackling E-Discovery issues. Back in September, well known E-Discovery expert Tom Allman told me about a local networking group called Friends of E-Discovery he had started with Pete Pepiton in Cincinnati, Ohio. At these meetings, local lawyers from in-house and outside law firms show up and confidentially discuss their issues and ideas on how to better handle records management, legal holds, and e-discovery. I attended one of their meetings as an invited guest and was so impressed that I then set up a similar group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Our panelists for today’s show include Doug Matthews who set up a “Friends of E-Discovery” group in Columbus, Ohio and Pete Pepiton who created the idea for “Friends of E-Discovery.” Doug Matthews is a partner in the Vorys Columbus office and a member of the litigation group. His practice focuses on employment litigation and counseling and electronic discovery matters. Doug has represented both corporate and public entities in a variety of employment-related litigation, including multiple punitive class actions. He has also advised a broad range of clients on employment-related matters and on the management and discovery of electronically stored information.

Pete Pepiton is an electronic discovery consultant and a member of both The Sedona Conference and EDRM. He has also been facilitating the establishment of “Friends of E-Discovery” groups in a variety of cities around the country. Listen to why a local group of colleagues who know each other and trust each other can develop better working relationships than can be developed at national seminars and how such a group can result in better E-Discovery education within a local market. Learn how to set up a similar group, what works in a meeting, what doesn’t work well, and why this appears to be such a useful tool for tackling e-discovery issues.

Recorded 06/11/2010