e-Neutrals and Special Masters in Electronic Discovery Cases


This episode, hosted by Karl Schieneman, Founder and Owner of Review Less and friend of JurInnov, features a discussion on how e-neutrals and Special Masters can add efficiency to electronic discovery cases.  Contributors include Judge Arthur J. Schwab, from the Western District of Pennsylvania, Allison Skinner, Esq. an attorney at Sirote & Permutt and founding member of American College of e-Neutrals, and Timothy Opsitnick, owner of JurInnov, original member of The Sedona Conference and a board member with the American College of e-Neutrals.

This episode combines two of the stakeholders with the American College of e-Neutrals and a judge who is one of the architects of the creative Special Master Pilot program for E-Discovery in the Western District of Pennsylvania. Incidentally, Allison Skinner, Tim Opsitnick and myself, Karl Schieneman are all approved Special Masters in the Western District’s Special Master Pilot program. The common thread of the episode is the process of gaining efficiency by bringing experts onto a project to help with the technical issues associated with electronic discovery. The discussion also focuses on how the different e-neutral and Special Master programs work, differences between the two and why these ideas are useful in speeding up electronic discovery cases and overcoming challenging issues.