E-Discovery Lawyers Training Other Lawyers

Training Electronic Discovery

Listen to Karl Schieneman, Director of Legal Analytics and Review discuss with three different E-Discovery lawyers from three different types of law firms how to interact and “coach” other lawyers in their firm on the nuances of E-Discovery. The three lawyers are: Chris Fisher, a partner at Ulmer Berne and based in Cleveland; OH; Therese Miller, Of Counsel with Shook Hardy & Bacon and based in San Francisco, CA; and Rick Lettieri, the creator of a virtual law firm that partners with other lawyers who need E-Discovery expertise they don’t have in-house and based in Pittsburgh, PA.

This should be an interesting discussion on a topic I don’t think anyone else has ever covered before. Especially since many lawyers, and especially litigators, are comfortable they know how to litigate without hand holding. So how is this sensitive topic broached and handled in the world of E-Discovery? We will see how these attorneys handle that issue.

Recorded 05/10/2010