Cost Shifting and Fee Splitting in Electronic Discovery

Hands and money puzzle

Listen to Karl Schieneman, Director of Analytics and Review with JurInnov talk about how cost shifting and cost collaboration are occurring in electronic discovery. We have an outstanding panel for today’s show as the Honorable James C. Francis, IV, a magistrate Judge from the S.D. of NY, Robert W. Trenchard, the chair of Wilmer Hale’s E-Discovery Committee, and Megan Jones a nationally recognized electronic expert from Hausfeld, LLP who represents claimants in antitrust litigation discuss trends that involve cost shifting. Today’s show talks about the mechanics of cost shifting but we also delve into how new technologies such as concept searching can be addressed in meet and confers to reduce costs. Given the different perspectives, a variety of opinions will be shared including how important the Proclamation Collaboration can be to reducing cost shifting arguments to real disputes.

Recorded 09/01/2010