Concept Searching in Electronic Discovery

Concept_Search_Electronic_DiscoveryListen to Karl Schieneman, Director of Analytics and Review with JurInnov talk about concept searching. This is a special ESIBytes program because Karl is being interviewed by Kelly Twigger from ESI Attorneys. In this program we will talk about how to use concept searching tools, what concept searching means to key word searching, how to use concept searching to really beef up early case assessment and review, some of the challenges of using concept searching, and a variety of other related topics. This should be a very interesting show and its genesis is due to past guests such as Kelly Twigger asking me to do a show on what I focus on in electronic discovery. So now after approximately 70 shows where we have promoted the talents of other people in the electronic discovery field, ESIBytes will for the first time promote one of my areas of expertise – concept search and review

My quick calculation is this means that we have used 1.4% of our shows to promote our skills at JurInnov and 98.6% of the shows on what our guests specialize in. Thanks again to Kelly for pointing this out. Please let me know if you found the show helpful or if you are interested in using concept search technology – such as Ringtail® with Attenex® Document Mapper™ (pictured above) – for your next case.   My email is  Also, don’t be nervous about the show turning into a JurInnov advertisement in the future, I have two more shows scheduled with Judge Grimm and one with Judge Rosenbaum coming up in the next three weeks on admissibility of ESI, and the law student’s perspective on electronic discovery.

Recorded 03/16/2010