2011 Trends in E-Discovery

2011 Electronic Discovery Trends3

Listen to Karl Schieneman, Director of Analytics and Review with JurInnov talk with E-Discovery pioneer Eddie O’Brien in our first Australian based podcast. Eddie is the founder of Ringtail®, the legendary E-Discovery tool that pioneered the review of ESI in litigation by making the tool accessible via the web fifteen years ago. Today, Eddie is a Director with FTI® Consulting, Inc. the company that acquired Ringtail Solutions Group in 2005.

Eddie has been a successful entrepreneur and a technologist who, in the past, has accurately gauged the direction of E-Discovery. He also has the luxury to be able to be forward thinking in regard to future trends in the E-Discovery space and can see the forest through the trees without the same pressures to make a dollar, be that Australian or American. I hope everyone enjoys our show as we discuss technical topics like emerging standards, cloud computing and social networking and the challenges these place on existing review solutions, the growth in international e-discovery, automated review, and how the in-house electronic discovery market will continue to evolve.

Recorded  3/9/2011