Our Sponsors

Producing ESIBytes requires significant time, effort and resources.  Our free podcasts would not be possible without the generous support of JURINNOV, Inspired Review, TCDI, and the many guests who have appeared on our shows throughout the years.

JURINNOV has offices in Clevleand, Ohio and Greensboro, North Carolina and offers:

– eDiscovery

– Computer Forensics

– Cybersecurity Services

Inspired Review is located in New York and offers:

– Managed Document Review

– Technology Assisted Review

– Legal Staffing Services

TCDI is located in Greensboro, North Carolina and offers:

– Enterprise-level eDiscovery Software

– Case Management Software

– CVFox eDiscovery SaaS

eDiscovery-PeopleIn addition, we would like to thank eDiscovery People for their support and help spreading awareness about the ESIBytes’ website. The eDiscovery People enable thoughtful dialogue and commentary about current issues in electronic discovery. Discussions are guided by moderators well-versed in information management and information retrieval. Members in the eDiscovery Group hail from a global community of Information Retrieval scientists and engineers, eDiscovery Attorneys, Project Managers, and Litigation Support leaders.